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Jen is currently hard at work (okay, not really. mostly this is happening in the leftover time between manuscripts) recreating this website. For now, here's what you need to know:

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When Hollywood heavyweight Shepard Brown suspects someone has poisoned his pizza, he calls on long-time friend Lorraine Keys to keep him safe. Newly licensed and eager to prove to her boss she's capable of guarding more than vacant banks, Lorraine takes the job. Amid the chaos of a film set -- where threats against Shepard are escalating -- Lorraine has to separate the divas from the dangerous before the killer succeeds in knocking off Shepard and anyone who gets in the way - including Lorraine herself.

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A new mystery series!

Coming from Berkley Prime Crime in July 2014, Stained Glass Mysteries keep up with Georgia Kelly as she attempts to rebuild her life in her Hudson River hometown of Wenwood, NY.

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Over at Honestly YA, Jen joins nine other cool ladies in sharing meaningful moments, interviewing authors, and just plain loving YA books.

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